Switching back from Starlink Testimonial - 11/8/2022

"Hi, my name is Craig and I have been on Rogue Broadband for years, but there is a tree that is growing up in front of my dish so I thought I'll just get Starlink.

I ordered it and got on the waiting list for a year. Finally it came, so with all the mesh that I had to have it was $,1000.00 dollars worth of equipment .

Remember I was on priority residential so every night I got 5 to 10 mbps down during peak hours,that sucks!!!!! Now they have data caps, so speeds will be even worse after I hit the cap that they say I will but I don't think I really do. Because I have had my service for over a month I cant send the $1,000.00 dollars worth of dish and routers back so you're stuck with the gear. So in summary Starlink is in no way even close to the service you get from Rogue Broadband, only get it if you can't get anything else ."