Welcome to your new Wireless Service Company Rogue Broadband, a service provided through Ashland Home Net!

Your new bill will be coming soon! This notice is to inform you of some great new changes to your billing customer service:

  • On November 1st, your bill will be mailed to you.  The bill will be for the service fees of November 1st thru 30th. Subsequent bills will be on the first of the month for that service month. We offer a grace period of 20 days. The payment will be due no later than the 21st day of each month before being considered a late payment and subject to a $3 Late fee. 
  • For your convenience, we  offer Autopay Service. Your bill can be paid on the 1st of each month with a credit card and a receipt will be emailed to you. If you are currently paying by credit card or want to begin, we will send you a new authorization form.
  • If you are paying by check, please make your check payable to: Ashland Home Net
  • We also offer paying your bill online with Intuit Bill Pay System; email billing is required for this service. Please provide your email address if you want to be able to use this feature.

In order to better serve you, we will also ask you for your email address and if you want, your cell phone number, so that we can send you alerts about service updates as they happen.

We look forward to getting to know you and taking care of you.

With kind regards,   

Your Rogue Broadband and Ashland Home Net Team

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