Speed and Fees



1 Mbps UP

5 Mbps Down

$49.99  month

Good for Facebook & Email

No Monthly Cap



2 Mbps UP

10 Mbps Down

$69.99 month

Better for Netflix & Gaming

No Monthly Cap



5 Mbps UP

25 Mbps Down

$119.99 month

Best for Multiple

Computers and Tablets Streaming 

at same time

No Monthly Cap

25 Mbps service launching in the spring of 2017. 

Coming Soon

Our plans have no monthly cap.

Pre-Install inspection required. Not all speeds are available in all areas. Line of site to one of our towers is required.

$99.99 installation fee with 1 year contract .

$199.99 installation fee with No contract.

Installation = Standard Installation of equipment and network cable.

Umpqua Broadband™ is delivered wirelessly from a series of towers around the Umpqua Valley. The wireless signal can be picked up for miles with line of sight of each tower. Even if your home is within the range it might not be able to be serviced because of the terrain, trees, visibility.

We simply install a dish on your home (eve of the roof is our preference) and run a cat5e cable into your home and connect to your Router.

Pre-install inspection required.

Contact us today to see if high speed wireless internet is available at your location.